There are different styles in photography; you can be pursuing art, fashion, commercial, etc. At this post I would slightly discuss the differences in two styles; one is portrait photography and the other is street photography. The first is a style that needs to have every single detail in control, the final result is obtained through the correct exercise of correct position, the right amount of light, in some cases, the accurate attire, and the tone desired in the work, etc. In street photography, the needs change a little. It is very important to have a source of light but in many cases, is not necessarily controlled. In street photography, even the subject may not be in controlled, which makes this style a really difficult one to succeed at. As stated in, “What is Street Photography” by Amy Touchette, street photography is, “to sit in the face of the unknown, in the presence of vulnerability”. You do not know what to expect. In my own words is like the surfer on his board waiting for a good wave, he can’t be sure what the next wave will be like. Unlike street photography, portrait photography is in the search of perfection, and it is possible to argue that portrait photography is looking for surreal photo. Portrait photography can make a person appear different to his or her everyday self, pushing for the image that can be shown as the real person. The Gittings blog, which is really short, has small but clear answers of why some photographers do portrait photography, and it backs my point that portrait photography is the concept of controlling a photograph in order to obtain a desired result.

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