Light in photography is one of the foundations of photography and we have been discussing this topic for a whole semester in this blog. The first styles of photography that come to mind are; fashion, art, and portrait photography however, another style, or in this case, usage of photography is; forensic photography. The relationship between photography and police enforcement go a long way. Forensic photography has been a very useful tool for police departments around the globe since the invention of the photographic camera. This activity has been used to record extremely important information that can be used to solve crimes and also, to be presented in court.

This video of the forensic photographer I found in one of the blogs I follow, is quite informative. The forensic photographer, Nick Marsh explains how, “in all types of photography, is all about light, is about understanding the way light is going…”. It is so important for a forensic photographer to understand the way light works and how it will affect the result of the photograph, which at the end, it will be evidence. In other styles of photography, such as fashion or art, the final result will most likely not reach federal court instances but, it could be a life or dead experience, at least according to the artist. I also found, not as timely as the first, another video on how the light is the most important thing in forensic photography. Mark Bowers does a short demonstration about how light plays a huge role in forensic photography and how the right light makes the difference in finding evidence. Mark uses a hair on the floor to make the statement on how light is helpful to find evidence. Nick does a better and more detailed explanation on how forensic photography works and, he also talks about using techniques and other kinds of lights to find evidence. Forensic photography is another way to show photography lovers how light is so important in photography.

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