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While searching for a wikipedia page that could be related to my blog I found, “Photographic Lighting“. This wikipedia page was most likely created by or before 2008, and even though it has been almost seven years since its creation, it does not provide too much content. Also, the page has a note on top of it that requests help for improvement, and this pushed me to try and add information I find reliable. Lighting in photography is a rich topic that could fill a few pages in a web site, only on my class blog that is about light in photography, I have been writing for half a semester about it, and I have still much to write. I understand that wikipedia is merely a good source for a first approximation on any given topic, but “Photographic Lighting” lacks some good information.

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I started to generate some ideas of what to add in the page and after a few possibilities I decided to start with something basic in lighting. In my opinion this wikipedia page was missing a description of the,”the three light setup”, so I added a little description of the method. I did not expand too much on the three light method because I want to see how long this addition will last or if it is consider important for the editors to keep. While I was looking at its history I saw how there had been many changes in this page, the curating has been continuous but only in small chunks. In my opinion it is very important and it is used by many photographers and schools, It is a starting point for photographers and other media artists as; film makers, and even animation artists. One example will be, ““, that explains the basic setup.

My curation was made of only a few words and it looks like this; a small description of the three light setup. Obviously this edit also change the table of contents.

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As of now, this curation has not been changed but, it has only been a few hours since it was made. I will keep monitoring this wikipedia page to see if it disappears or if it is curated by someone else after me. I will also like to add that it was nice to collaborate on wikipedia, even if it was just with a few words.

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