In my search for stands for natural light among photographers I found this interesting article of Jason Lau, where he makes a statement of how he has a problem with photographers who called themselves natural light photographer. Thus the name of the article, “My Problem with Natural Light Photographers“. Which I believe it can be little bias but has a point in how people might want to use more natural light than flash. It is really easy to feel overwhelmed by all there is to learn. I can see how people want to avoid aspects like light, because photography is a world of itself. Flash and light are like the moons of photography. They orbit around photography but are part of it, even though they are separate. Nevertheless I personally, do not have a problem with self-called “natural light photographers”, I can see why some photographers would avoid using artificial light but I would recommend to learn little by little.

The second article is a very descriptive and invites the reader to learn how to read and use natural light. As is mentioned by Cambridge in Color, the owner of the article, Natural Light In Photography. “Paying attention to light is perhaps the most important step you can take to improve your photography”. I think the reader will find this very interesting because natural light can be seen as the first contact to lighting effects. I thought this was a good contrast to what Jason Lau thinks about natural light photographers because he was saying that handling natural light might be easier than to learn to use a flash. It can be more difficult to create a sun effect with artificial light but to use natural light correctly is not an easy task.

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