If you are to learn anything the right way, you must always learn the basics first. And with photography is no different. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”. When working with light in photography is very important to learn the basics first, and although it seems endless, it is very important we try to do it right. In the article, “HOW TO READ LIGHT IN PHOTOGRAPHY“, a rookie photographer finds a list on things to pay attention like; shadows in the shot, the background, and the way the object is lit, etc. The article splits important information in parts so it seems more clear and easy to pay attention to. As a beginner you can feel intimidated with all there is to know about photography. This article is great at exposing the information in pieces making easier to grasp.

I think this is a good article for beginners because the writer makes it clear that she picked this tips during a course or seminar. The article talks about details that are very important to keep in mind and to pay attention to how light behaves. It was easy for my mind to wander after thinking about this tips and it makes me pay more attention to them in future sessions. This was not the only article I found about how to read light. F-Stoppers, posted another article very similar. F-Stoppers have a very detailed article and they divide it in a few lessons. Lesson two of the series talks about how to read light just like the first article in this post. After reading these two articles throughly any beginner can have a very good idea of how to read light and to what details pay attention.

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