The Importance of Light in Photography


I found two interesting articles on why lighting in photography is important. Both of these writers share their personal opinion and experience with light and, even though they have a different styles they agree on the importance of good manipulation of light.  The first one, “The importance of light in photography”, is a description of how Marie Laigneau, a street photographer from London explains her experience with light and states how important it is for a photographer to understand the role of light and how its correct use can affect people’s perception of images.

The second article which is, “Portrait photography lighting”, by Steve Barnes. starts with an analogy of photography and other arts like painting and sculpture. Barnes exposes what your relationship with light should be and what aspects you could focus on such as; temperature, contrast, and controlling light, etc.

I found these two articles very interesting because both of these writers are passionate about light and share with the public their experiences and ideas.

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