Attention Journal

Friday 01/23/15

Lounge Area 4:08

Its sunny outside but is only 43 degrees. I’m indoors wearing only a t-shirt. I open my bag, look inside, grab my notebook. “I only have one”, I say to myself. I need a new one. I look for my notes, find my notes, grab my phone and check the time, look up, look around, look at my phone, check my notes trying to figure out where to start. Browse my notes until I find my homework, I try to concentrate on my notes and my homework for a while, after a couple of minutes of me writing and sort of making a list. Just a couple of minutes and I look up, I look around, I can’t seem to decide where to start. I go back and forth from checking my phone and then I continue with the sport center app and also twitter.

Sunday 10:12

On the second part I choose to just surf the internet and organize and plan my assignments. To my surprise or maybe not, I was on the same path and pattern. I was surprised to realize how much time I loose in between phone and app check ups. I would not blame that on the different platforms but on my drift of attention. I could be easily and rapidly enticed by my surroundings which adds up to how I pay attention to what I pay attention.

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